Working with a 7 year pact that makes Jason Bay Adam Dunn and Dan Uggla look like relative bargains, the Nationals’ underachieving RF Jayson Werth is the man of honor for Washington D.C.’s Duffy’s Irish Pub, who are offering beer specials pinned to Werth’s crappy batting average.   You’d think a joint classy enough to have won City Paper’s “Best Wings” award could generate business on merit alone, but NBC Washington’s Matthew Stabley claims otherwise ;

During the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on Sunday, you can order PBR tallboys, Buds and High Lifes for whatever Werth’s batting average is at the time. For example, if the promotion started right now, at the time of publication, Werth’s .211 batting average would mean $2.11 brewskies.

Want another dime knocked off the price? Then root for Werth to sink deeper into his slump this week. He’s averaged 3.7 at-bats per game this season, so if he starts all four games leading up to Sunday’s and continues at that pace without getting a hit, beers would be $2.02 at game time (4:10 p.m.). And if he were to follow that by going hitless again Sunday, beers would be an even $2 after his last at-bat.

“For the record we’re very happy to have Werth on our team and know he’ll turn it around very soon, we’re just having a little fun,” reads the invite on Duffy’s Facebook page.

And the pub optimistically used a .230 batting average as an example.

There’s no truth to the rumor that Duffy’s is producing bumper stickers reading “Please Don’t Drink & Drive (But If You Must, Please Mock Jayson Werth In The Process)”. Mostly because that’s way too much text for a bumper sticker.