From Sunday’s Newark Star-Ledger :

(Jean and Michael, in what I’ll presume were happier days)

New York Giant defensive end Michael Strahan’s ex-wife Jean held a posh garage sale Saturday at her Montclair mansion, allowing bargain hunters to sift through and cart away the defunct millionaire couple’s cast-offs.

Items on sale outside of the $3.6 million home included cocktail dresses, a bronze football statue, handmade rugs, antiques and a set of cassette tapes on how to make relationships survive.

Diehard Giants fan and Montclair resident Jamal Callaway walked away from the sale with two televisions, with 32- and 20-inch screens, for only $100.

“I get to cheer for Mike on his TV,” Callaway told The Star-Ledger of Newark.

When asked if the televisions were flat screens, he replied: “She’s not that mad at him.”

This does sound like a bargain hunter’s dream, but I already made plans for the day to help Dina McGreevey get ready for her yard sale.