Amidst a bevy of Hulk Hogan cronies (Bubba The Love Sponge, Brian Knobs etc. ) receiving major face time on TNA’s first Monday salvo last night, Jeff Hardy — WWE heavyweight champion as recently as August of last year —  returned to the rival promotion for his second stint in the 6-sided ring.  Sadly for Hardy and his new employers, their new pact is a secondary story this morning as the North Carolina native was indicted following a drug possession arrest last September.  From PWT’s James Caldwell :

Hardy is faced with six different charges contained in three separate felony and misdemeanor cases after his arrest on September 11. Hardy’s cases have moved to the Superior Court where Hardy will await a potential trial date.

Hardy was originally scheduled for a “probable cause” hearing on January 27, but his cases were removed from the docket yesterday after prosecutors were able to provide enough evidence to indict Hardy on the charges.