Or perhaps he just digs Nick Hornby adaptations for the American market? The former Knicks/Rockets head coach was already in mid-season form last night on ESPN during coverage of the Celtics’ 103-83 win over Washington.

JVG : (as Red Sox owner John Henry appeared onscreen) Do you think they’re going to make “Fever Pitch 2”? That was such a great movie.

Mike Breen : Great? Would you really call it great?

JVG : Hey, I think it was a great sports movie.

Breen : It was certainly entertaining, but could you really call it great?

JVG : Hey, you’re not in charge of what I think! Who sings that “Sweet Caroline”?

Breen : (incredulous) How do you not know that’s Neil Diamond?

For those who might consider this discussion superfluous to the basketball game on offer, I submit it was more edifying than a subsequent chat with Junior Seau, whose evening at the Nuevo Garden was interrupted for the obligatory questions about Super Bowl 41 1/2.