In Monday’s issue of New York Magazine, soon-retiring Yankees SS Derek Jeter touches on a number of topics with the publication’s Chris Smith including but not limited to politics (he voted for Obama), his new book imprint (Jeter Publishing), the media (they ask lots of “boring questions”) and Alex Rodriguez (see above!).   Jeter was a tad more effusive, however, in denying the long-standing rumor he’s presented any number of one-night-stands with parting gifts before they begin their walk(s) of shame to the subway.

The Post once claimed that after sleeping with women, Jeter would leave a gift basket of signed memorabilia in the car taking the “conquest” home. He’s avoided commenting on the item for three years. But he’s still annoyed. “Like I’m giving them signed baseballs and pictures of myself on the way out! Who comes up with a story like that?” He laughs, incredulous. “It said the reason people found out was because I gave the same girl the same basket and I had forgotten I’d given her one—like there are so many people coming through I forgot!” Even if Jeter were cheesy enough to have handed out souvenirs, he’s far too careful to have made that kind of mistake.

As opposed to who, this guy?