I’m assuming some of you caught Jim Leyland’s introductory press conference as manager of the Detroit Tigers. Suffice to say, his performance did very little to ease suspicion that the former Pirates/Marlins/Rockies skipper will struggle to stay awake next season. From the Detroit Free Press’ Mitch Albom.

Jim Leyland may have issues. Honesty isn’t one of them.

In a news conference Tuesday that was as bizarre as it was refreshing, Leyland managed to tell reporters “I know very little about your ball club” and “I don’t really know about the American League” and “I’m rusty” and, at his last job, “I stunk.”

Hmm. Was it the Tigers who hired this guy or President Bush?

I can’t recall the last time a new manager had 30 minutes of media time and used it to 1) fess up to burnout, 2) admit his need to “sharpen up on the game,” and 3) barely mention a single member of his new squad.

I’m not kidding. Hardly a throwaway “Pudge” or “Magglio.” Leyland is either inordinately modest or he was in such a hurry to get back into managing, he forgot to ask a fundamental question: “Which team is this again?”

(despite decomposing in public, Leyland still has the prescence of mind to show the Detroit media that he has a World Series ring.)

Indeed, with such winning proclaimations as “I don’t know much about your team”, is there any doubt that Leyland blew Dave Dombrowski away during an interview that might’ve lasted all of 5 minutes?