You might recall last August Nationals analyst Rob Dibble suggested the forearm woes of Washington phenom Stephen Strasburg were no-big-thing (“Suck it up, kid. This is your profession. You chose to be a baseball player. You can’t have the cavalry come in and save your butt every time you feel a little stiff shoulder, sore elbow,”), said comments coming just prior to Strasburg being diagnosed with a season ending injury. Dibble wasn’t invited back to the Nationals broadcasting booth this season, something the former Nasty Boy blames on Strasburg’s dad. From DC Sports Bog’s Dan Steinberg :

“Listen, it’s their team, they acted in their own interests,” he told columnist Mark Kriegel. “And I’m gonna tell you something that I’ve never told anybody before. It was basically Strasburg’s father [who] e-mailed the owner and basically was offended by what I said.

“Now remember, I said that on my own radio show on another network, and his father e-mailed the owner and the owner wanted me out of there. so that’s the bottom line. So that should end it. I want Stephen to go on, never have my name brought up and have a great career. I had a great career, I had fun, had a great seven years, and it’s sad for me that people still associate me with him. There should be no association with him.”

“I never got fired,” Dibble told Kriegel. “I’m still being paid by MASN. You know, a lot of the bloggers got that wrong, but I let ‘em keep it wrong.”