Though the Yankee bullpen hasn’t suffered much since losing Joba Chamberlian to a ghastly trampoline injury earlier this year, the gutsy reliever is said to be nearing a rehab stint with the Yankees’ Gulf Coast League affiliate in Tampa some time next week.  And since there’s not much to do in Tampa other than jump up and down mindlessly on a trampoline (or encourage your children to do the same), I’m certain the management at Tampa’s Airheads will welcome Joba back to their establishment with open arms.  And just to prove there’s no hard feelings over Yelp deleting the account of my close personal friend, Randy Levine, I’m prepared to shell out $29.95 for a one-week Airheads pass for Joba (provided he signs the establishment’s waiver, of course). After all he’s done to boost CSTB traffic, it’s the least I can do .