The Mets and Braves are tied at 3 through 5 1/2 innings tonight, and while David Wright has hit his 25th HR and Carlos Delgado has driven in a pair of runs, the evening’s unquestionable highlight (so far) had to be the following exchange between Tom Seaver and the SNY broadcast team during the last of the 4th :

(a graphic is shown listing Seaver’s career stats, including a won-loss record of 311-205)

Keith Hernandez : Tom, how’d you lose so many games?

(long pause. sounds of four grown men giggling)

Tom Seaver : well….Gary, it’s been great…I wish I could stay longer, there’s one out in this inning and by god the old limousine is waiting in the station….

Gary Cohen : Can you tell Keith has a day off tomorrow?

Seaver : His day off is Friday but he’s starting it Thursday?

Ron Darling : You have the last laugh, though, Tom. In your no-no in Cincinnati, you got number 37 a couple of times…

Seaver : Yeah, what were you thinking, Keith? When you argued with the umpire when I struck you out on that pitch underneath your elbow?  You took it because you were totally fooled…you were looking away for the sinker and I threw that 95 mile an hour slider…

Keith : You made me cry in the dugout. Willie Crawford said, ‘Keith, don’t worry about it. Most major leaguers aren’t able to hit that pitch, 3-2…with the bases loaded, a one-run ballgame, that kind of curve ball.” I’ll never forget it as long as I live.