With the possible exception of Brian Wilson openly lobbying for Carlos Beltran accepting a trade to San Francisco, the absence of several of the baseball’s leading lights was a talking point before, after and during last night’s All-Star Game in Phoenix, AZ. Fox Sports’ Joe Buck, aligning himself with those disappointed in Derek Jeter’s no-show, quoted the following words from Willie Mays, as transcribed by Larry Brown Sports ;

“You talk about Stan Musial being a 24-time All-Star. He is tied with Willie Mays for the top spot, and Hank Aaron,” Buck prefaced before diving into the story.

“Willie Mays had some interesting quotes today in the Wall Street Journal with regard to guys not showing up for this All-Star Game. He said ‘I was rewarded 24 times as an All-Star, and I went 24 times. It’s not jury duty, guys should show up.’”

Trouble is, Buck — who presumably knows how to read — was quoting the Wall Street Journal’s Jason Gay. Gay was essentially making the same argument as Buck — that if The Say Hey Kid could turn up for a pain in the ass glorified exhibition game, contemporary players who aren’t bedridden oughta manage the same — but at no point previously has the journalist been mistaken for Willie Mays.