As mentioned in this space earlier this week, Yahoo Sports’ Maggie Hendricks took considerable umbrage at UFC icon Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s televised lechery towards reporter Karin Bryant. Commenting on the matter in the message board, UFC analyst Joe Rogan concedes Jackson, “occasionally gets out of line, and I think some of what he does in interviews in unfortunate,” but not without adding,  “I also think that’s a part of his charm.”

He’s not a fucking dentist, he’s a cage fighter, and he’s one with a very unique personality. I don’t think he should be given a free pass for some of the questionable things he does, but I do think that this woman in question is all kinds of cunty. The Skywalker broke down everything that’s wrong with her and her shitty, cunty brand of writing to a fucking T.

The commenter in question, “TheSkywalker”, who certainly would’ve been invited to the Algonquin Roundtable back in the day, offered this pithy assessment of Ms. Hendricks ;

“Sounds like a girl who was ugly growing up, thought she would be a late bloomer, and never bloomed.”

Hey, as long we’re gonna play pop psychologist with the likes of Hendricks, what conclusions can we jump to about a fella like Rogan, who doesn’t merely turn a blind eye to asshole behavior, he finds it “charming”.  It would be highly simplistic to presume Rogan has a boner for Jackson, just as it would be grossly unfair for you to decide an adult that calls Hendricks ugly or “cunty” has some serious issues with women.

But if that’s what you wanna think, who am I to stop you?