…perhaps being bullied by young people while ordering a pastrami sandwich, sort of like the scene in Albert Brooks’ “2030”.  Really, save for the paycheck, anything’s better than routinely being undermined by an owner whose lack of hoops acumen is only matched by his lack of public relations savvy.  Anything else would be an improvement on checking the papers every few weeks and learning the incompetent executive you replaced has either been encouraged to compete for one of his old positions, or is in fact, a more trusted confidant to the genetic lottery winner currently making the franchise a national laughing stock. I am of course, ladies and gentlemen, referring to Friday’s news that Knicks President Donnie Walsh is leaving the club, with more details provided by the New York Daily News’ Stefan Bondy :

The stunning announcement follows lengthy discussions regarding Walsh’s contract, which expires June 30. Despite battling health problems, Walsh was expected to return to the Knicks and finish building a championship contender with Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire as the foundation.

Walsh, 70, will remain as a consultant for next season, the Knicks announced, but his departure possibly clears the way for the potential return of Isiah Thomas as general manager. Glen Grunwald, the senior vice president of basketball operations, will serve as interim general manager beginning in July.

Walsh will still be in charge during the June 23 draft. In a statement, Garden chairman James Dolan, who butted heads with Walsh over bringing Thomas back as a consultant last year and during the trade negotiations for Anthony, said it was a mutual decision.

Though I’ve not always been particular deferential to Walsh or Mike D’Antoni in this forum, the pair deserve considerable credit for repairing the Knicks’ badly dented credibility last season, at least prior to the 4-for-one blockbuster that landed Anthony (a transaction it is widely rumored neither Walsh or his coach had fully endorsed). Said credibility has taken yet another hit this morning, and the only New York sports fan that could possibly be pleased would have to be Fred Wilpon. When it comes to disgracing a franchise and deeply embarrassing a team’s long-suffering fans, Wilpon is a rank amateur compared to J.D. of The Straight Shot.