Despite being taken deep by Luis Terrero and Paul Konerko, Minnesota’s Johan Santana is well on pace to claim his 6th win of ’07, as the Twins lead the White Sox, 8-4 entering home half of the 8th inning.

If you’re fortunate enough to watch the highlights tonight, there should be just a little bit of discussion concerning A.J. Pierzynski’s attempts to play footsie with Joe Mauer. You’ll also see Torii Hunter robbing Jim Thome of a solo HR to left center, but that’s just business-as-usual for the former.

Former Twin Kyle Lohse earned a complete game win for Cincinnati today as the Reds snapped a 6 game losing streak with a 4-0 victory over the Pirates. Ryan Freel was carried off the field after colliding with Norris Hopper while in pursuit of an Humberto Coto fly ball in the 3rd inning ; Farney was unavailable for comment.