(stomp-off Vernon and the Jays celebrate Shea Hillenbrand adopting a new business address)

Blue Jays 5, Yankees 4

Well, well, Vernon Wells is the first man to homer off Mariano Rivera in 2006, and A-Rod looked (again) like Brooks Robinson.  Keep in mind, Brooks Robinson is 69 years old.

As the Angels and Giants mull signing Shea Hillenbrand, the exiled Toronto 3B was apparently challenged to a fist-fight yesterday by Blue Jays manager John Gibbons.  Gibby would prefer to characterize the exchange as, “He had his chance to defend himself yesterday in front of his coaches and his teammates. He chose not to do that. Everybody reacts differently. We’ll just leave it at that.”

Which, translated, means Shea’s a pussy.

The notion of John Gibbons declaring “it’s him or me” is rather entertaining.  Especially as one can easily imagine J.P. Ricciardi wondering, “can I get rid of both of you?”

Tonight’s crazed rumors :

* – D-Train to the Cards

* – Adrian Beltre to the Padres

* – Adrian Belew to the Padres (sorry)

* – Mike Lowell to San Diego, Jake Peavy to Boston.  The Lowell Spinners’ Mike Lowell Night is in jeopardy, but there’s plenty of time to organize Shitty Transistor Amp Day.