Anything to take attention away from the Cubs starter allowing four home runs in one inning against the Reds earlier today, one of ’em being the first of Hall Of Famer Paul Votto’s 3 round-trippers on the afternoon.

Rather than gloat over the manner in which the New York Mets ended a two game skid against the Dodgers this afternoon, perhaps we can focus our attention on the underrated conceptual humor of Scott Boras.  Sports representation’s most widely disliked icon (with the possible exception of Tool Of The Century nominee Darren Heitner) suggested to the Newark Star-Ledger’s Jeremy Cothran that client Oliver Perez might be in some fashion, be following the career trajectory of Johan Santana.

Newsday’s David Lennon, by contrast, implies that Perez is more enamored with “Street Fighter II” (hey, old school!) than watching game footage to prepare for his next start. Once again, proof the McCourt Family are total cheapskates.  No GTA IV in the visiting clubhouse? Somebody call the union.