While the contemporary Yankees face a 1-0 deficit in the last of the 1st tonight against the suddenly untouchable Cliff Lee, Newsday‘s Neil Best used his Tuesday column to note the one year anniversary of….well, WCBS’ Suzyn Waldman totally freaking out during a live broadcast.

“Nothing shocks me anymore,” Waldman said on a rare day off yesterday. “The only thing that has surprised me and disappointed me is the glee with which people are going after Roger (Clemens).

“I think the more people accomplish, the bigger people are, the more excited people are to bring them down, and there’s a real feeding frenzy on this man.”

Waldman said she does not know whether Clemens took steroids or committed the personal indiscretions of which he has been accused.

“I can only judge people on what I observe and how they treat me,” she said, “and since the mid-’80s, I’ve known him and all of his family and watched the kids being born and knew his mother and know his sisters … I never saw this stuff. I don’t know if it’s true. Does it change what I think of Roger Clemens? I don’t think so.”

Waldman noted, “At the beginning, everyone was saying if he’s not guilty, then fight [steroid charges], so he fought it, but he didn’t fight it quote-unquote the right way.”

Later, she added, “Let’s just say that Brian McNamee hired the right lawyer.”

“Watched the kids being born”? Talk about above and beyond the job description —- some of those children entered the world when Clemens was pitching for other teams.