From today’s NY Daily News :

Michael Kay and Bobby Murcer got their Riveras mixed up yesterday and it led to an embarrassing moment on the YES broadcast of the Yankees-Angels game.

With L.A.’s Juan Rivera batting in the second yesterday, Kay brought up the incident in spring training of 2002 when, he said, Juan Rivera was caught stealing a glove out of Derek Jeter’s locker and selling it to a Seattle memorabilia dealer.

Murcer chimed in by calling it one of the “unforgivable sins” in baseball, and when Rivera grounded into a 6-4-3 double play, Kay said, “There’s a little payback for Jeter.”

A few minutes later, with the Angels still batting, a highly humbled Kay admitted he had goofed.

“I just made a terrible mistake, Bobby,” Kay said. “It’s Ruben Rivera who took the glove, not Juan. Ruben was the guy who took it, I apologize to Juan, that’s awful. I just got my Riveras all mixed up.”

Murcer said nothing.