Though he’s unlikely to go Jim Everett on Jim Rome’s ass anytime soon, Ken Griffey Jr. bristles at criticism from the radio/tv yackmeister writes the Dayton Daily News’ Sean McCelland.

“The sooner you shut it down, the sooner you get to Cooperstown,” went Rome’s TV take.

Rome has bashed Griffey through the years. Griffey thinks it’s because he has refused several invitations to appear on his nationally syndicated radio show.

“I’m not one of his little clonies,” Griffey said. “I should retire just because I haven’t hit a ball out of the park? He should retire.”

“Have you ever seen him at the ballpark?” Griffey wondered. “It’s all because I won’t go on his show. The only people I have to answer to is my family. Anybody else can say what they want.”