From The Catbird In The Nosebleed Seats’ Jeff Kallman,

The word from Peter Gammons of ESPN: Manny Ramirez may want to let the Los Angeles Angels let Manny be Manny. The question before the house: Since there is a different between a gang of Idiots and an idiot idiot, precisely how long do Angel fans drooling over the prospect of Manny Being Manny in the House That Scioscia Rebuilt really believe Ramirez would last, once Scioscia gets a gander at his act up close and personal and not just through what he sees in the papers or hears through the walls when the Angels play the Red Sox? (And was that not a long sigh of loving relief from New York Met fans upon the news that Manny Doesn™t Want to Be Manny at Shea, in the House That Pedro Is Trying To Rebuild?)

Fox Sports’ Ken Rosenthal points out that “for the first time since 1991, neither World Series participant will be a top-10 payroll team.”

The Astros had the game’s 12th-highest Opening Day payroll, $76.8 million. The White Sox were 13th at $75.2 million.

The Angels and Cardinals, losers of their respective League Championship Series, ranked fifth and sixth, respectively.

The Yankees and Red Sox, of course, were 1-2.