(if you’re thinking this post is just a cheap excuse to show a recent photo of Keiji Haino visiting Houston  — where no doubt, he was saddened by fans’ treatment of Matt Schaub — you’d be 100% correct)
While many will hail Andy Reid and the 6-0 Chiefs’ reversal of fortune, around CSTB HQ, that’s of secondary concern compared to Kansas City’s attempts to shatter the Guinness World Record for “loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium”.  With Guinness representative Phillip Robertson on hand at Arrowhead for yesterday’s dispatch of the Raiders,  describes the historic moment is described via the KC Star’s Vahe Gregorian :

“Throughout the game … they were getting close and close, but they really weren’t getting past 132 (decibale),” said the enthusiastic Robertson, noting how the level soared to 135.4 in the wake of Abdullah’s interception. “And we thought, ‘Well, that’s fantastic, that’s really close.’ ”

Then, as if from nowhere, he said, the decibel reading zoomed to a record mark of 137.5 with about 30 seconds left.

“I think the fans saw something on the flashboard (scoreboard) and ran over … (They) descended and began cheering and chanting, screaming,” Robertson said. “It was that high-pitched scream that pushed them over the edge. And then we have a Guinness World Record.

“It was just so unexpected, that last 30 seconds. It was almost like a dramatic Hollywood finish to a football game.”

And, shazam, the Chiefs had their certificate for “the loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium,” set at “13 October 2013” at … “Arrowhead Arena.”

“That’s the British in me, I’m afraid,” Robertson said. “So there will be a corrected certificate coming out with the exact measurement displayed as well.”