Though Sunderland manager Roy Keane was rarely at a loss for words during his illustrious player / maiming career, Keane’s ghostwriter, Eamonn Dunphy reckons his old pal has gone soft. From Setanta Sport’s J.P. Lonergan :

Dunphy, who helped Keane pen his controversial 2002 autobiography, is renowned for being a staunch supporter of the former Manchester United man, often raising his voice in defence of the Cork man when it has come to such issues as his Saipan row with Mick McCarthy and his departure from Manchester United in 2005.

However, the never shy Dunphy has now blasted Keane, who he feels is dishing out redundant ˜manager speak™ week in- week at his Sunderland press conferences.

œI know Roy well and the one thing he hated when I knew him and when we were working on that book, he hated the bullsh*t that was part of manager-speak and part of player-speak, Dunphy told RTÉ™s Pat Kenny Show on Radio 1 on Monday.

œAnd now he holds these lengthy press conferences every week in which he anoints David O™Leary to be the next Ireland manager, anoints Terry Venables as the next Ireland manager.

œHe™s talked about the Cork GAA dispute, talked about how wonderful it is for The Premier League to play more games abroad and he™s just become rent-a-quote. And it™s quite extraordinary.

œThis is a sharp, smart, outstanding human being and he™s just been sucked into that awful Premier League vacuousness and it™s sad to see Roy Keane bullshitting, but he is. But there you go. It happens.