What do you think of when I say “Dapper Dan’s” or “driving school”? If you answered “Mike Tyson” to the first question and Pylon to the second, I suppose you’re not completely out to lunch, but the mythic figure that is Mitch “Blood” Green would’ve been the right call. From ESPN.com’s Tim Graham.

Mitch “Blood” Green is flat broke. He’s not afraid to admit it because if he doesn’t let you know, you wouldn’t think to offer him some money.

But if charisma were currency, Green (above) would be watching “Judge Judy” while sitting on a beanbag chair stuffed with large bills.

Green, 48, lives alone in Queens and has no apparent means of income aside from receiving $5 for every autograph he sells on a Web page constructed in his honor. Benefactors apparently help him pay his bills.

Fans are still drawn to Green and his wacky tales, his hilarious one-liners and outrageous statements.

“I’m like a politician in Harlem,” Green said. “Every time I go out it’s “What’s up, Mitch? Mitch, Mitch, Mitch! Bop, bop, bop! Blood, Blood, Blood!”

He does magic tricks for kids on the streets, and he’s still famous enough to bail himself out of trouble with the law “ sometimes “ with a funny story or an autograph. He has been in and out of jail more often than Sideshow Bob and reportedly has had his driver’s license suspended 54 times. But he recently avoided a ticket for turnstile jumping on the subway when two undercover cops accepted a signature instead.

Green fought Tyson twice. The first time was in May 1986. Green dropped a lopsided 10-round decision but became only the second opponent to last that long with Kid Dynamite, who rose to 21-0.

The second time, two years later, Tyson infamously brawled Green in front of a Harlem clothing store just before dawn.

Green is still begging to complete the trilogy, even though he hasn’t fought since 2002, when he picked up a title from something known as the World Boxing Syndicate by beating Danny Wofford, a pug who came into the fight with a record of 17-94-2.

“Tyson’s a punk. That boy is scared to death of me,” said Green, who went 18-6 but fought only seven times in 16 years after losing to Tyson. “It’s a damn shame Tyson’s scared of me like that. We could make a lot of money. Aw, man!

“I could tattoo all these chumps. I could beat both them bums. Tyson’s fighting a bride. Ha! It’s like they’re getting married. ¦ They’ll be hugging and kissing.

“You know, you asking me a lot of questions. I should get paid for this.”