(Boston Red Sox’ Paul Byrd goes high and tight)

Red Sox GM Theo Epstein has taken off his monkey suit long enough to complete a phone call with Cleveland, acquiring RHP Paul Byrd for the Red Sox in exchange for a player to be named later – although I’m going to guess the name won’t be “Coco Crisp”. Byrd has been superb since the break, sporting a 4-0 record and miserly 1.24 ERA. A banged-up Tampa Bay squad should have its hands full in the stretch.

Meanwhile, on the South Side, after splitting a 4-game series with the Bosox, Chicago’s Kenny Williams set a less concerned tone, passing on the shipwrecked Mariners’ Jarrod Washburn and talking up the virtues of promotion from within. The cagey GM made no moves at all and instead offered the following ruminations on patching the Jose Contreras-shaped hole in his rotation:

“Sometimes the most obvious move isn’t so obvious for us,” Williams said. “And taking money and contracts out of the equation, for instance, getting a veteran who may slip through the waiver process, it may look good on paper and create a buzz with the fans. … In essence, if we don’t really believe that will translate into success in this ballpark, and that’s very key, then it doesn’t make sense to do it.”…
“You’re better off bringing someone in who has been trained in a minor-league system, a major-league spring training, has experience in the ballpark and understands the value of two-seam sink on a pitch, [throwing a] changeup behind on the count, all the things it takes in order to translate to success out here at this park,” Williams said.

Okay, fair enough. Junior, here’s your rosin bag, your ticket to Charlotte and your copy of So You’re Behind In The Count.