During halftime of tonight’s Cavs/Lakers encounter, TNT’s esteemed roundtable of blowhards tackled Tim Hardaway’s ill-advised remarks about how he’d react to a gay teammate. While the Chuckster and Reggie Miller were both unreserved in their condemnation (Miller in particular, suggested that Hardaway seek counseling, and predicted his former teammate might never work in the NBA again), Kenny Smith had an unusual way of looking at the subject.

“My reaction to John Amaechi was it’s not a big deal…he’s trying to sell a book off his sexual preference. Which doesn’t make sense to me. We know there are white rappers. We all know there are black people in the suburbs. “

With all due respect to the hardships endured by white rappers as varied as MC Paul Barman, David Faustino and El-P, this was a terrible analogy, and perhaps one Smith would like to rescind. Grandmaster Bud Bundy had a choice whether or not to release the compact disc shown above (and perhaps he made the wrong one). John Amaechi, however, had as much say in being born gay as Kenny had in being born black.