Boston’s Kevin Garnett, as quoted by the Boston Herald’s Steve Bulpett prior to facing the Minnesota Timberwolves on Friday :

My attitude about playing (tonight™s) game is to get back on track winning, he said. œObviously, we had a slippage here (in Wednesday™s loss to Toronto). It™s just to get back on track — nothing more, nothing less than that.

œI want you all to understand something. A lot of the guys I played with in Minnesota are not even on this team. It™s like a brand new team. The personnel — the trainers and the people behind the scenes are probably a little more important than some of the people that are on the court.

Above : the shy, retiring Garnett after a last second steal from Sebatian Telfair preserved Boston’s 87-86 victory. For the Fanhouse’s Brett Edwards, this celebration was a bit excessive.

The Celtics won a close one, and KG made the decisive defensive play at the end. But come on man, is all that crazy celebrating and jersey popping really necessary? You guys are supposed to be the best team in the league, and you just beat the worst … by one … in your own building. And it’s not like Minnesota wronged you in some way during your career, they did you a freaking favor by sending you to a contender. I’d tell KG to act like he’s been there before, but the reality is, in his entire career, he hasn’t.

If the Warriors are truly serious about reuniting Chris Webber with Don Nelson, surely there’s a chance, however, remote, Seattle will sign free agent Latrell Sprewell?

How’s this for a shitty night out for a 19 year old college student? Having a beer by his lonseome, IU undergrad Justin Thomas was allegedly punched in the eye by a hate criminal, then proceeded to puke and get arrested by the local cops.

The worst part is, when Justin sobered up, Isiah Thomas was still his dad.