Much as I love hearing Minnesota’s dirty laundry aired in public, I’m not sure what we’ve actually learned from Kevin Garnett’s complaints about T-Wolves GM Kevin McHale, or the forward’s more moderate remarks after last night’s 109-98 win over Washington.

Garnett (above, right) wasn’t exactly going out on a limb in saying that McHale’s tenue as interim coach failed to improve the team, nor should anyone be shocked there’s some regret over the way Flip Saunders left town, particularly in light of how he’s landed on his feet in Detroit.

Were Garnett moaning about the way the current club’s roster —- and there’s still plenty of season left for him to do just that —- it would really be a bigger story.

We’re 3 weeks into the regular season, by the way, and still no sign of Latrell Sprewell finding a new home.