(“Dokken” rhymes with “rockin'”, which almost rhymes with “Larry-Brown-stalking”)

After the turnover-crazy Knicks dropped last night’s exhibition tilt to the Jason Kiddless Nets, the Newark Star-Ledger’s David Waldstein hinted that Larry Brown and George Lynch (above) might be reunited. Waldstein also noted the following bit of creativity from the MSG Sales Department :

The Knicks have an innovative new partial season-ticket plan that commemorates the migratory career of their new coach. It’s called the Brown Seats Plan and includes tickets to games against teams Brown coached in the past. Fans can choose seven games from among the seven teams Brown led before coming to the Knicks: the Pistons, Sixers, Clippers, and the four former ABA teams — Nets, Spurs, Pacers, Nuggets.

Plus, there are two twists. The fans can also choose a Charlotte Bobcats game as a substitute for the old Carolina Cougars, the first team Brown coached in the ABA from 1972-74. Of course, Brown also coached the Kansas Jayhawks to a national championship, so fans will be offered a discounted ticket to the Kansas-St. Joseph’s game at the Garden in December.

Additional kudos to NY’s marketing geniuses for the catchy slogan “You Gotta Be There To Say You Were There”, which easily beats my suggestions of “Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere” and the Rick Pintino-inspired “Louis Orr Ain’t Walking Thru That Door”