(presumably, the anti-Piniella posters have only recently gone into production)

While the San Jose Mercury News’ Ann Killion‘s questions the selection of Barry Bonds as a role model for a kids’ hospital visit yesterday, she also drops the following tidbit, comparing and contrasting Chicago’s treatment of the last two Cubs managers.

It’s shocking, the free pass Lou Piniella is getting in Chicago after his mighty team was swept out of the postseason for the second consecutive year. This is a market that went after Dusty Baker like a crazed mob when his teams fared poorly. But Piniella ” with a far more talented team ” is getting the “poor-Skip-his-guys-didn’t-hit” treatment after running his Cubs postseason record to 0-6. His regular-season record after two years is just five games better than Baker’s was.

Maybe Piniella has learned, like Baker did, that curses are real. I was at the Steve Bartman game ” when Baker’s team was five outs from the World Series ” and was stunned at the palpable sense of doom that descended on Wrigley Field. Even without Bartman, that was the feeling at Wrigley last week. I predict a rough road ahead for the Cubs ” we’ll see if the double standard for Piniella continues.