Along with being the first mainstream media person I’ve read to speculate that Greg Anderson “finally figured out that friends don’t let friends do time”, the San Jose Mercury News’ Ann Killion congratulates Giants ownership on dodging a bullet.

The indictment came exactly 45 days after the 2007 season ended, which makes you wonder if Peter Magowan has friends in the Justice Department. The timing conveniently allowed the Giants to complete their season with only their usual dose of embarrassment in kowtowing and overpaying an uncooperative player long past his prime.

But they avoided the added humiliation of celebrating a man who has been indicted by a federal grand jury. It also allowed the Giants to sever their ties with their beloved Bonds before the indictment. And before they cast that bronze statue Magowan insists he will erect at some point to honor No. 25.

Perhaps most importantly – the timing comes just a few days into free agency. A hearing on the Bonds’ case is scheduled for Dec. 7, just days removed from baseball’s winter meetings, when owners and general managers do the bulk of the work in remaking their rosters.

Bonds has the most tantalizing resume ever compiled by a designated hitter looking for a job. But his statistics won’t matter. Not now.