Texas travels to Lawrence, KS tomorrow morning for a game that could decide the Big 12 regular season title. And rather than the usual Austin-centric blatherngs about said contest, we’ll instead turn the podium over to Jeff Jensen (The Jewish, Just Farr A Laugh) who has a thought or two on the matter.

I cannot remember being so excited to see a single NCAA match-up in some time. Let me be the first to predict not only a KU victory but a blowout. By blowout I mean more than 15 points. The ‘hawks came together last year at the big 12 tournament in Texas and made a statement. This years team is so much more experienced, mature and cohesive that it is insulting to even compare them to last year’s squad. Throw in the mysticical Mojo of the Phog (Yes we have voodoo in Kansas-going back down to Kansas soon…bring back the 2nd cousin of Little John d’ Conqueroo) and the balance gets totally tossed.

Sure I know what you’re thinking…Durant. Player of the years hands down. But if there is one team that has the depth, length and athleticism to shut him down it’s the Jayhawkers. Also let’s take a look at our nationally underated frosh. phe-noms Sheron “West-Side” Collins and Darrell “Shady” Arthur (above). If you don’t know them by name then all I have to say is “look the fuck out”.

Despite our amazing W-L record and our #3 ranking the RPI is still calculating us at #18?!?! There is clearly a flaw in that formula. If we win out and at least advance to the Big 12 final then we should be a #1 seed. I don’t care how many computers they got up in that bitch.