Sorry for the obvious comparison again, but between the following story and S.L. Price’s claims of a “Born To Run” cover, I think we have determined for once and all that James Dolan is David Brent. What further proof do you need that Isiah is doomed than such a qualified vote of confidence? From the Newark Star Ledger’s David Waldstein.

Dolan, speaking casually to the team the day before Saturday’s disheartening loss to the Utah Jazz, told his players that Thomas didn’t have “anything to worry about right now,” according to a person in the room at the time. Then to add emphasis, he playfully tapped center Eddy Curry on the shoulder, which made everyone in the room laugh.

According to the person, who did not want to be identified due to the sensitive nature of the subject, Dolan was strongly hinting to Curry and his teammates — who almost to a man worship Thomas — that they need not worry, although it is believed Dolan has not yet made a final decision.

While the owner was not making a major announcement to the players and did not make any guarantees about Thomas’ future, his tone was supportive and positive, and also a little humorous. One of the things he mentioned was the wave that fans did at Madison Square Garden during the last game against the Clippers, which he seemed to enjoy.

The Washington Post’s Mike Wise invokes the sage words of Michael Ray Richardson (ie. “the ship be sinkin'”) in assailing Gilbert Arenas for a supposed lack of leadership (“the Wizards have looked downright atrocious in three of their last four games. It’s one thing for teams led by Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan to embarrass you on your home floor, but Zach Randolph?”)

Though Wizznutzz has yet to weigh in on this crisis, he did manage last week to a) declare war on Motown and b) lower the boom on a Gilbert hater.

i bet u are guy who when orders soda at Applebees asks for Pepsi and if they only have Coke then u say “just bring an Iced Tea” because world needs to know u only roll with Pepsis! U like papa Johns but Dominos sucks. Lexus is cool but Mercedes is lame. XBox is for fanboyzz PS3 rules. Chamillionaire is wicked, E-40 = gaylords. SO when dudes at yoiur school are all about LeBron and Wade and Gilbert, you plant your flag and holla “IM A TMAC MAN!!!!”

Well Im sure TMac appreciates the endorsment Turd Furgeson!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me tell you, if you think U R What U Wear, well you are not Tracy McGrady no more than your $100 Outback Duster Coat makes you a Swagman(tm) like Llorenzo Llamas or Gilbert Arenas.