But perhaps he oughta be. An ALCS night off gave Boston and New York sports fans a chance to watch two basketball teams seemingly headed in opposite directions, as the Knicks were blown out, 101-61, by the revamped Celtics. While Wilson Chandler (above, left) was amongst the poor-shooting Knicks, teammate Quentin Richardson tells Newsday’s Allan Hahn that Boston “will have their hands full with us.”

Isiah Thomas suggested his team was intimidated at the start of the new-look Celtics and the sold-out Gah-den.

œI think we came out a little intimidated,” Thomas said. “I think our team played against the press coverage and the press clippings as opposed to the actual team.

Q wasn’t having that.

œI can only speak for myself, I don™t read press clippings or anything like that,” he said. “I played against Kevin Garnett for eight years. I played against Ray Allen for eight years. I played against Paul Pierce for eight years. I never cared about them then I don™t care about them now.

So what happened out there?

œWe just didn™t play New York basketball, period,” Q said. “Offensively, defensively, period. We didn™t play our type of basketball. I don™t know why, I hope it™s not because of those three guys. Right now, I™m just looking at this as a throw-away game. Throw it away and get it out of our system . . . We™ll see them again.