Nebraska’s Bill Callahan is almost as quotable as he is easy to beat.  During the tail end of his tenure in Oakland, Callahan called his Raiders “the dumbest football team in America”.   He’s only 3 years removed from referring to Sooners fans as “fucking hillbillies”.  To date, however, Callahan’s critiques have been limited to persons who couldn’t directly fire him, as the Lincoln Star Journal’s Brian Rosenthal explains.

Two days after being hired as Nebraska™s interim athletic director, Tom Osborne (above, left)was already issuing statements defending comments attributed to football coach Bill Callahan (right).

Excerpts from the book œThe Nebraska Way, written by University of Nebraska student Jonathan Crowl, with help from former Nebraska trainer Doak Ostergard, were released in a Thursday article in the Daily Nebraskan, NU™s student newspaper.

Among the brow-raisers was a story told by Ostergard in which Callahan, upset after a phone conversation with Osborne, said the then-congressman was œtrying to run things from Washington, and referred to Osborne as œthat crusty old f”.

The book also details an Ostergard story in which Callahan was upset over a newspaper story.

œF-ing people need to get a life, Callahan said, according to Ostergard. œWhy don™t they go read a book or get lost in the Sandhills? I™m going to get me a real newspaper. I™m going to read the New York Times.