Following last week’s tiff between Kurt Thomas and Stephon Marbury, the listless Knicks continue to put up more of a fight amongst themselves than they’re managed against the opposition writes the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola.

According to a few eyewitnesses, Thomas and reserve center Bruno Sundov were involved in a minor skirmish at the conclusion of practice at the California Highway Patrol Academy and in front of a handful of police officers. No blood, no charges.

Sundov (above) bolted from the gym, removed his practice jersey and headed straight for the team bus. Meanwhile, Thomas took a seat on the sideline, where Mark Aguirre and later fellow assistant coach Michael Malone made sure the veteran power forward had calmed down.

When asked about what had transpired, all an ornery Thomas would reveal is that the Knicks had a “good practice, real good.” The beneficiary could be Herb Williams, who again gave his players a stern lecture that centered on them fighting through adversity and sticking together.

“They’re not supposed to look happy after practice, you’re not supposed to look happy after losses,” Williams said. “If you care about what you do and take pride in it you’re not going to be happy after you lose. Nobody is going to be happy about losing.”