OK, the Indianapolis Star’s Bob Kravitz didn’t really call Tony Dungy a bad father.  He merely suggested the Colts’ returning head coach is “something of a hypocrite”.

As one of the chief spokesmen for All Pro Dad, an organization dedicated to strengthening the bonds of fathers with their children, Dungy has spoken passionately about the importance of men putting their faith and family first, before football and all else.

So I don™t understand:

What came first here?

If family is really first, doesn™t Dungy decide to live in the same city with his wife and children? Remember, Dungy not only has one adult daughter and a high school-age son. He and his wife also have three little ones, a first-grader, a kindergartener and an infant.

Dungy said Monday that he had the support of his family, but my guess is the three youngest ones didn™t have much input.

Again, I™m uncomfortable. I™m uncomfortable about passing judgment on anybody or anything deeper than a decision to punt on fourth-and-2. I™m especially loath to pass judgment on the way another man handles his personal business.

But Dungy has used his pulpit as a head football coach to advise others in the art of fatherhood, and has left himself open to charges of hypocrisy.

It™s understood that owner Jim Irsay, whose heart is bigger than even his wallet, has made arrangements that will allow the Dungys to spend additional time together. Tony will fly to Tampa, the family will fly to Indianapolis, all of that on Irsay™s dime.

Understand, though, we™re not talking about a man who, like Dungy™s late father, had to teach in a school district 80 miles away from the Dungy home and was, at times, a weekend dad. Tony Dungy had the financial freedom to make a choice based solely on what he believed was best for his family.

Is it better for a father to be a phone call away, or merely a whisper?

I’m just curious — how many times has Kravitz walked away from a multi-million dollar payday that required him to miss weeknights with his teenage daughters?  Might the total number be greater than or equal to zero?