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The Lansing Lugnuts’ slogan for their 2012 Midwest League season could very well be, “Come For The Creepy Logo That Suggests A Sex Act, Stay For The Boutique Beer”, as MLive’s Larry Hook reports the Class A ballclub will debut a Craft Beer Garden next spring (link swiped from Repoz and Baseball Think Factory)

“It’s basically like a lot of your little microbrews that are around town,” Lugnuts Assistant GM Nick Grueser said. “They’re not the big Budweisers of the world that are mass producing all over the place.”

He said certain specifications are required of craft beer manufacturers.

“They have to sell less than two million barrels of beer a year,” Grueser explained. “They have to be independent; they can’t have more than 25 percent controlled by a larger beer company. And they have to be a traditional beer, like they have to be an ale or a lager.”

Grueser said it is unknown at this point what brands of beers will be available in the beer garden.

“We’ve working with our beer partner, Dan Henry Distributing, on finding a selection of beers,” Grueser said. “We’re going to have about eight different, rotating beers that are craft-beer options for people.”