Apparently, the Yanks’ acquisition of Randy Johnson is on hold again as LA’s Shawn Green is balking at his being sent to the Diamondbacks. As is the LA Times’ Bill Plasche.

Today, we have finally seen the real Frank McCourt.

He really doesn’t have the money to properly operate the Dodgers.

He really never should have been allowed to purchase the Dodgers.

He really couldn’t care less about those fans he rolls over as if they were stalls in one of his Boston parking lots.

Shame on Peter Chernin for nominating him. Shame on Commissioner Bud Selig for confirming him.

Shame on McCourt for wasting the last year pretending he had the resources to make it work.

If he did, on Thursday afternoon the Dodgers would not have allowed Adrian Beltre to reluctantly move to Seattle.

If he did, on Thursday night the Dodgers would not have been on the verge of shipping off Shawn Green, Brad Penny and Yhency Brazoban for Javier Vazquez and a couple of cheap prospects.

And when you saw McCourt swaggering across the field after October’s division-clinching victory, you thought he was on the same team.

Once the season ended, the smile disappeared and the pockets tightened and the intentions crystallized.

McCourt doesn’t want to turn the Dodgers into a winner, he wants to turn them into the Devil Rays.

Instead of footing the bill for a championship, he’s more concerned with paying the bill for the electricity, of which, this season, there may be none.

As of Thursday night, McCourt had celebrated his championship by firing one of his longtime play-by-play guys, lowballing his manager, making weak offers to accomplished coaches, dumping salaries of his two most dramatic players, allowing his best player to walk, polishing a deal to send away two other high-priced veterans ¦ and, oh yeah, raising some ticket prices.