Larrissa Strickland (above, foreground), former guitarist for the Laughing Hyenas and L-Seven, passed away yesterday.

Along with former partner John Brannon, Strickland was a pivotal figure in one of America’s most ferocious live bands.  Through 3 albums and 2 EP’s for the Touch & Go label, Strickland at first listen seemed like a Midwestern answer to Rowland S. Howard or Andy Gill, but her playing increasingly took on a life of its own — she was higher on invention than technique, but that’s not to say she lacked for technique in the slightest.  Though I wish I could get through this paragraph without a mention of drug problems, there was no shortage of those, either.

Larissa was an amazing musican and for a brief spell in the late 1980’s, the Ann Arbor-based Hyenas were unbeatable, onstage or on wax.  My thoughts are with her friends, former colleagues and fans. Lullaby and goodnight.