While the Mets’ rookie outfielder continues to impress his growing legion of fans (witness his tremendous Yard Work debut), there is still so much about this young man that we don’t know.

It’s with that thirst for knowledge in mind that the wiki-tastic Lastings Milledge Facts was recently launched. Amongst the crucial factoids you’ll have to memorize :

Lastings Milledge doesn™t hit 8th. Those seven other guys are just warming up the pitcher for the first real at bat of the game
Lastings Milledge wasn™t slapping fives with fans after his first big league homerun. He was healing lepers and cripples.
Lastings Milledge can fix Victor Zambrano in ten minutes
Lastings Milledge™s three children will be named Turner, Citizen™s Bank and ‘Chipperer’.
Lastings Milledge also has an illegitimate child. He was born in 1895 and his name is Babe Ruth.
Lastings Milledge laughed at the end of “The Notebook.”
Lastings Milledge can assemble IKEA furniture in his sleep.
Before being drafted by the Mets, Lastings Milledge was the lead singer for the Gin Blossoms.
Lastings Milledge was the only black person to appear on Bevery Hills 90210.
Steve Somers has changed the beginning of his awesome monologue to “Lastings Milledge here and Lastings Milledge there” to make it even more awesome.
Lastings Milledge went to Geno’s Cheesesteaks and ordered Vietnamese food, in Japanese, while wearing a turban. He was not only served, he is now the customer of the year.