Currently showing on TMC :

“Class Of 1999 II : The Substitute”

Nick Cassavettes brings glory to the family name as he investigates the last remaining android high school teacher from a science experiment gone awry. Think “Terminator” meets “Stand By Me”, as countless 30-something actors with fauxhawks suffer painful death and dismemberment at the hands of their not-quite-human substitute. Sasha Mitchell’s difficulties in the title role can possibly be explained by his playing an android (and not a very articulate android, at that).

On The Lifetime Movie Network :

“The Man With Three Wives”

Beau Bridges stars at the typical Lifetime viewer’s 2nd Biggest Nightmare (the first being a Sunday afternoon in my living room), a bearded trigamist!
Don Howland fave Pam Dawber co-stars as wife no. 3.