Though according to the AP, the beheading of Barry Bonds has not been explored.

Barry Bonds used to commit any spare time before games to lifting weights, working meticulously to build up his leg strength for long nights of standing in left field and on the basepaths following his many walks.

His bum right knee no longer allows it. He is carrying a few extra pounds around his middle and vows to spend the offseason bringing his playing weight down from more than 228 pounds to about 200.

œI™m going to be skinny, said Bonds, who weighed 185 pounds as a rookie in 1986 but has not been near 200 for many years.

Such a drop is hard to imagine for the imposing Bonds, who steps into the batter™s box with his body armor and proceeds to crowd the plate. But doctors have told the San Francisco slugger he must lose weight to protect his fragile knee, which required three surgeries since Jan. 31 and sidelined him for most of eight months.

Considering the way Bonds has been aching after his first four starts, he is likely to listen.

œI want to get my legs strong again, Bonds said in an interview Friday night with The Associated Press and œHopefully I™ll train hard all winter. I can hit it, but I don™t feel like I feel when I™m strong. I can tell out there. I™m older now. It™s harder.

Bonds (above, shown hitting career HR no. 704 against LA on Friday) sat out the Giants’ 2-1 win over the Dodgers Saturday night, presumably giving him a spare moment or two to update the only website with less interesting daily content than Deadspin.