The Milwaukee Journal Sentinal’s Dan Manoyan visits Blazers C Joel Pryzbilla during the latter’s boxing lessons.

Przybilla, whom former Bucks coach George Karl projected as a 270-pound space eater when he came into the league from the University of Minnesota in 2000, is about 30 pounds leaner, at around 235 pounds, than he was in his playing days in Milwaukee.

But a mean, fighting machine? Forget it.

“I’m not going to be getting in any fights,” said Przybilla, who at 25 is already a five-year veteran of NBA wars. “I’m kind of a wuss.

“I’ve gotten in little tussles here and there, but I don’t plan on using (the boxing training) in the NBA. I don’t want to get suspended. I don’t need my wife on my case, so I won’t be throwing any punches.”

Przybilla’s wife of three years, Noelle, apparently laid down the law on fighting when she learned that her husband planned to take up the sport at the suggestion of his personal trainer Todd Troxel.

“She told me if I throw a punch (in a game), I’d never come back to boxing,” Przybilla said.