Cavs 86, Pistons 84

Whether he’s scoring 32 or feeding Drew Gooden (above) with the game winner (leaving Motown with just their 5th home loss of the past year), LeBron James is making more believers by the day. Wizznutzz, still mindful of LeBron’s unsportsmanlike attempt at rattling Gilbert Arenas such a long, long time ago, isn’t ready to drink the Witness-juice.

How can you cheer for lebron now? Its like cheering for tanks in the streets, its like cheering for Cancer cells : “DIVIDE BITCHES!!! D-I-V-I-D-E!”

Bird and Magic and even Salieri had famous first playoff moments when they become men and lebrons defining moment: winning dirty, dropping vile eff bombs and passing up another game winner.

What follows is a comparison to “The Karate Kid”‘s John Kreese so inspired, I’m almost tempted to rent the 4th film in what you’d like to believe is a trilogy The one with a girl that was tougher than Ralph Macchio. Though that’s most movies.

As fantastic as Tim Duncan was against the Mavs last night, special credit has to go to the following :

a) Bruce Bowen. A world class irritant / defender depending on your rooting interest, if he doesn’t tie up the Dirkster in the final few seconds (above), this series is over.

b) Ernie Johnson. Still riding Barkley’s ass about Chuck’s inability to pronounce “barn burner”. ABC’s exclusive coverage of the Finals means Johnson won’t be able to drag this one out for more than another week or two. By which

Barkley, for his part, took perverse pleasure in watching Damon Jones get smacked in the eye during the Cavs’ wild celebration at the buzzer in Auburn Hills. Jones was sporting a tiger-striped sportcoat during his postgame interview that he described as “a one time thing”. Good news for Limahl, then, who’d probably prefer that Jones ask permission before borrowing duds in the future.