Using the sort of defensive savvy the likes of Jeff Kent could only dream of, LeBron James clarified remarks from early in the week that might give someone the very strong impression he’d recently operated a motorcyle. From the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s Joe Vardon :

In a video posted to GQ’s website Thursday evening , James told the two editors interviewing him that he owned to motorcycles and a helmet, and made separate, apparent (at the time) confirmations that he rode them.

James also acknowledged during the interview with GQ that his “team” questioned him about his ownership of the bikes, and he responded: “I’m like, “What you think I’m doing? I’m getting a breath of fresh air. I’ve got one life with this, man. So, that’s what I’m doing.”

Now, apparently, that’s not what he meant. Following the Cavs’ practice Saturday, James said: “First of all, I don’t ride motorcycles. Second of all, I was talking about my team, meaning my LRMR team and the group around me. ”

A reporter told James his answer was confusing, given his “getting a breath of fresh air” remarks to GQ. He responded: “I don’t ride them, but I own them. There’s a lot of stuff that I own but I don’t use. I got a coffee maker, I don’t drink coffee. I won four of them, don’t drink coffee.”