From Will Leitch earlier today :

Jack Klugman is now blogging. And not about baseball, really ” just hawking his book on Tony Randall, and telling Jackie Gleason stories.

Yes, well, we can’t all be so dignified as to hawk copies of terrific new novels for kids. But given that Klugman’s blog has been up for 5 weeks, this is a relatively timely observaton on Will’s part.

But in all seriousness, Klugman is entitled to publish as shitty, as shilly a blog as he wants. Jack has brought joy to the lives of millions with some of television’s finest moments.

By contrast, were the Sultan of Smug (above) mowed down by an 18 wheeler tomorrow, his obituary would credit him with such achievments as publishing a photo of a drunken Kyle Orton and setting new world records for obsequiousness.