Though I’ve alluded to this story on two previous occassions, CSTB’s Ombudsman (who may or may not look like this) has helpfully reminded me that not everyone might know what I’m talking about. From the AP :

Los Angeles Lakers forward Vladimir Radmanovic admitted Friday that he lied to the team about how he injured his shoulder during last week’s All-Star break.

“The truth is that I hurt myself in a fall while snowboarding,” Radmanovic said in a statement issued by the team.

He apologized for covering up what happened last Saturday in Park City, Utah . Initially, he told the Lakers he fell on a patch of ice while walking and separated his right shoulder. He is expected to be out two months.

“Being young and sometimes immature, I initially panicked and made up a false story about how I hurt myself,” the 26-year-old forward said. “However, over the past few days my conscience has been bothering me terribly. I am not a dishonest person and could no longer live with this deception.”

I don’t know what’s more amazing — that the Radster came clean, or that he was able to so easily rewrite Kwame Brown’s apology for stealing a birthday cake.

While Texas is 20 minutes away from a season sweep of Oklahoma (the Longhorns are leading, 41-28 at intermission behind — surprise, surprise — 19 points from Kevin Durant), you might wanna keep an eye on LSU’s budding upset of Florida. The Tigers hold a 34-21 advantage at the break, and I can’t remember the last time Corey Brewer and Joakim Noah combined for less than 10 points in a half. Not that I’m willing to look it up, either. CSTB’s bill with the Elias Koteas Sports Bureau is long overdue, and their skip tracers are even meaner than the company founder.

Once again, Kool Keith is totally ripped off.

No doubt wearing his HDTV hat, the Owner With A Boner calls online video “a snack”, while television is “a meal.” Clearly, Mark Cuban does not own a chain of movie theatres.

Amanda from You Go Live In Utah observered the Heat making a late run against Dallas Thursday night and concludes Miami is DOA. And not the good kind that wrote “Fucked Up Ronnie”, either.

The Mavs should have won by 30 or more. Barea, Agar and Croshere really know how to squander a lead and I thought they should have been pulled WAY sooner than they were. But back to the Heat, with Shaq only able to play 30 minutes, getting stupid fouls and having a free throw shot that is somewhat akin to an epileptic fit I don’t think they will survive without Wade. And of course, Dwyane Wade himself has told us what a fabulous leader he is.