Hey, I wasn’t even aware Baseball Digest was still publishing. I thought the sole copy on the magazine rack at Book People was either a leftover from 1998 or perhaps one person’s attempt at creative recycling. But Bugs & Cranks‘ Andy Lenartz has actually seen a recent issue of the publication, one he calls “something President McCain could appreciate” while asking to hear from “any Baseball Digest subscriber who is not heavily medicated, finishing out their days in a nursing home.”

Look at a recent headline: “Arm Injuries Always a Threat to Pitchers”. This information that an arm injury would be a issue for someone whose livelihood revolves around their arm may be news to Dusty Baker, but the rest of us had that figured out awhile ago.

This same issue included a feature on the boost Erik Bedard will provide to the Mariners™ rotation. Published while he was on the DL. Or their enlightening feature on the never-before discussed issue of whether Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens belong in the hall-of-fame. Shockingly, the people who think absolutely everything in life, baseball included, was better in 1950 conclude they do not belong in the hall-of-fame.

And who could overlook the outstanding baseball quiz with such gems as œSince 1900, ten different St. Louis Cardinals have led the league in RBI. Count one point for each one you can identify. I™m sorry, but anyone able and interested in answering that question is suffering from dementia so badly the words are just not coming out.