…but sadly, Joe Buck is still with us.  From the home of all 100% reliable press releases, Our Sports Central (link swiped from Mike Emeigh and Baseball Think Factory)

The Golden Baseball League announced today that RHP Nigel Thatch of the Fullerton Flyers has been placed on the Suspended List for failure to report to Spring Training. Thatch, better known as the actor who played “Leon” in Budweiser commercials, was traded to Fullerton from the Schaumburg Flyers of the Northern League last month for a pallet, or 60 cases, of Budweiser beer.

“We have had many conversations with Nigel and his agent and hope that they end this holdout soon,” said Ed Hart, General Manager of the Fullerton Flyers. “The Leon Watch is now entering Day 3 and we only have another nine days until the season starts. He’s really jeopardizing his chances of making this ball club.”

The league may seek to void the trade and request that Schaumburg return the beer.