The New York Times’ Richard Sandomir reports that Uno (above), the Best In Show winner of the 2008 Westminster Dog Show, was ejected from Madison Square Garden and not permitted to appear on CNBC’s coverage of the 2016 competition.

The beagle was barred from the guest shot by Westminster officials after it was determined that he had not been registered to be at the show or inside Madison Square Garden — like a former star player denied credentials to the stadium where he performed past glories.

When security was told that Uno, 10, was in a room used by USA Network (a part of NBC Universal, like CNBC), an investigation began, said Gail Miller Bisher, the Westminster spokeswoman.

“Having no prior approval to attend nor any documentation, he was requested to leave the premises,” she said, adding: “That leaves the question of how Uno appeared from Texas at Madison Square Garden without authorization.”