Citing lax leadership and general ‘tude troubles, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s John Levesque has some brilliant advice for the Seattle Mariners.

My immediate reaction to reports that Ichiro Suzuki thinks the Mariners lack leadership?

Well, duh!

My immediate reaction to how they should solve the problem?

Walk across the street.

On second thought, maybe they should run. And not worry too much about waiting for the light to change. It’s a long signal. Time is of the essence. And throwing caution to the wind, while not featured in the Mariners’ operations manual, may be prudent in this case.

Safeco Field sits across Royal Brougham Way from Qwest Field, but the Mariners and the Seahawks are so far apart on the pizzazz-o-meter they might as well be on different planets, not different sides of the street.

The Seahawks, seemingly playoff bound and buoyed by an infectious enthusiasm that was conspicuous as far back as training camp in August, have a CEO and a president who have their organization marching double-time to a happy tune.

The Mariners, seemingly moribund for two-plus seasons, have a CEO and a president who have their organization trudging along to the gloomy strains of a funeral dirge.

I don’t know how the Mariners could be missing the most obvious of solutions : just give Shaun Alexander the ball 35 times a game.